Cooling Towers

Prevent Algae and Bacteria formation, reduce CFU and reduce or eliminates chemical consumption

Heat Exchangers

Prevent sessile algae formation on, reduce internal scaling, improve flow, improve efficiency

Water Storage

Control planktonic and sessile bacteria and algae within drinking water and water storage reservoirs


Control algae in ponds, reduce colonies, reduce or eliminate chemical use, improve aesthetic appearance

Fresh and Salt Water Pipes

Maintain better flow rates, cleans interior of pipes, improve efficiency, improve flow rate, reduce algae & bacteria formation within pipes

Prevent Settlement

Redcues or prevents settlement of silt, sludge, and more reducing maintenance and blockages

Sea Chests / Strainers

Reduce formation of Bio Fouling within Sea Chests and Strainers on vessels reduce colony forming units

Protect Vessel Hulls & Running Gear

Reduce growth of algae and hard shell growth on hulls and running gear in marine vessels

Lakes & Reservoirs

Control algae growth, prevent formation of cyanobacteria in drinking water, lakes and reservoirs for irrigation