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Advanced Ultrasonic Bio Protection Solutions

Globatech Australia is an Australian based Technology Firm which focusses on Bio Fouling Securities and protection / prevention under the brand H2OBioSonic. Through our advancements in Ultrasonic Technology and extensive development of our multi burst frequency protection system coupled with our incredibly advanced and connected embedded electronics we can provide the ultimate in Ultrasonic Bio Fouling Protection. Our systems are completely scalable from standalone self managed systems to large scale multi transducer installations with 100% online (cloud) management.

New Development – Laboratory Testing Stage

We are currently in final Laboratory testing of our latest advancement in technology. Focussing heavily on anti-fouling and anti-corrosion in seawater piping / pumps and storage tanks on marine vessels and plant equipment, platforms, onshore cooling systems, etc. This latest system works using a number of advanced technologies combined with a main focus on releasing copper ions along with aluminium hydroxide to act as both a bio fouling protection system and corrosion inhibitor. We are very excited by the positive results so far and will be releasing more information as we come to the end of testing and development and complete our product ready for commercial use.