Ultrasonic Prevention of Bio Fouling in Cooling Towers

The H2oBioSonic system is very effective at the prevention of algae and bacteria formations in Cooling Towers, drastically reducing the chemical requirements, reducing maintenance costs and improving efficiency.

Chillers and cooling towers represent a substantial capital investment and are often the largest single contributor to operating and energy costs in commercial facilities. It is therefore paramount to maintain the highest possible efficiency from any chiller system and ancillary / supply pipe network or condenser / cooling tower. The use of H2oBioSonic Ultrasonic Bio Fouling and Descaling protection helps to maintain chiller and pipe networks for the highest efficiency possible from any given system. By maintaining, descaling and treating the water for algae in both the chiller and the feed pipes the H2oBioSonic Fouling Prevention system drastically improves cooling efficiencies and saves money.