H2oBioSonic™ Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS)

For use on Sea Strainers, Sea Chests, Raw Water Pipes, Heat Exchangers and more.

The H2oBioSonic™ H2OB2 system is the ultimate solution for Marine Growth Prevention. Utilising the most advanced digital ultrasonic drive circuitry the H2oBioSonic system prevents marine fouling on Sea Strainers, Sea Chests, Raw Water Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Valves and more.

The problem of bio-fouling & algae formation

The purpose of the H2oBioSonic™ System is two fold. The prevention of algae formation through the destruction of micro-organisms and to prevent blockages and to improve flow in seawater and fresh water cooling systems caused by various forms of marine growth and algae through de-scaling system interiors.
Blockages can be expensive and time consuming to clear or remove, especially when entire sections of pipe work need to be cleaned or replaced or strainers, heat exchangers, chillers, etc need to be disassembled for cleaning. There is also risk that pumps, valves and other important ancillary devices may be affected jeopardising the operational capacity / capability of the system.
Even minor reductions in flow caused by buildup inside the pipe work, strainer, heat exchanger, chiller or similar can cause serious reductions in efficiency of cooling , increases in energy consumption or shutdown of vital equipment.


Ultrasonic Benefits for Sea Strainers, Chests, Pipes Exchangers and more.

Ultrasonic Bio Fouling protection with H2oBioSonic™ combats the common problems associated with algae and Bio Fouling in Marine systems including;

  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Improved Flow
  • Improved Efficiency of Exchangers & Pumps
  • No Consumables (no electrodes to replace)
  • Cleans / De-scales internals of pipes/exchangers
  • Maintains Valves
  • Destroys Algae & halts shell growth lifecycle