Chiller System

Chiller System

Chillers and cooling systems represent a substantial capital investment and are often the largest single contributor to operating and energy costs in commercial facilities. It is therefore paramount to maintain the highest possible efficiency from any chiller system and ancillary/supply pipe network or condenser / cooling tower. The use of H2oBioSonic Ultrasonic Bio Fouling and Descaling protection helps to maintain chiller and pipe networks for the highest efficiency possible from any given chiller system. By maintaining, descaling and treating the water for algae in both the chiller and the feed pipes the H2oBioSonic Fouling Prevention system drastically improves cooling efficiencies.

H2oBioSonic Fouling & Scale Prevention

H2oBioSonic Fouling Prevention systems work by generating microscopic cavitation bubbles inside the pipes and chiller system which works to destroy algae and generate a cleaning effect for the inside of the pipe and chiller system at the same time. Installation of the H2oBioSonic system is non intrusive and can occur without shutting the system off, it also runs 24×7 without requiring a shutdown and will continue to assist in descaling and destroying algae drastically reducing maintenance time and costs while improving efficiency and reducing power consumption through the reduced pump load and improved cooling effectiveness of the chiller itself.

How Ultrasonic’s Work

Ultrasonic Descaling and Algae control works by generating an environment of microscopic cavitation bubbles within the water. These bubbles cause a very unique environment as they implode and release their energy. This release of energy has enough power to split the cell wall of micro-organisms such as algae, the energy release also has the added benefit of descaling/cleaning/scrubbing.