The H2oBioSonic Bio Fouling Prevention system prevents fouling growth from accumulating and keeps piping clear from bio-fouling. H2oBioSonic utilises Ultrasonic Transducers strategically positioned to provide a cost-effective anti-fouling system. The system works to descale, clean and destroy algae within the water, pipes and ancillary systems. It is used on many commercial/industrial applications such as chillers, cooling towers, water storage bodies, pumping systems, heat exchangers and more.

Without the H2oBioSonic Bio Fouling Prevention system installed, marine growth including algae, silt, slime, etc can form or settle in the pipe works and water systems. If allowed to continue this fouling results in reduced flow, impaired cooling, lack of heat transfer efficiency and a rise in operating costs due to additional energy consumption in pumping systems, efficiency losses in heat transfer and increased maintenance requirements.