Over 10 Years in advanced Ultrasonic Technology

 Globatech Australia has been in the Ultrasonic Technology industry for over 10 years, initially developing what is now the industry leading Ultrasonic Marine Growth Prevention system for the Marine industry, CleanAHull. With the developments over the years we have steadily become one of the industry leaders in this technology and most recently adapting our advanced frequency algorithms and hardware to the commercial / industrial sector with great results. The H2OBioSonic range is the most advanced and powerful solution we have developed.

Industry Leading Features


 Ultrasonic Cavitation Explained

The Ultrasonic sound waves emitted create a environment of microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles cause a very unique environment  in the immediate vicinity as they implode, splitting the sidewall of microscopic organisms such as algae and bacteria. The cavitation has the added benefit of a scrubbing effect helping keep the hull clean. The removal of the initial algae growth inhibits the chain for further growth other life that feed on the algae, effectively producing an environment that is inhabitable by algae.



Calibration Function

As installation of our solution varies greatly from structures, pipes, bodies of water through to structures, pumps, and more it is important to calibrate the system to match it’s outputs correctly with the substrate. Our system has an advanced Calibration function which carefully scans each output to determine many factors about the substrate it is connected to. The system will then automatically tune various functions for the best results!



Advanced Adaptive Algorithm

As there are many different types of algae and bacteria it is necessary to cover a broad range of frequencies to ensure complete coverage. H2OBioSonic does this through an adaptive algorithm along with a learning/calibration function that tunes each system to it’s environment effectively providing unlimited adjustments to the algorithm and the ultimate level of protection. Along with a selection of default configurations there is a custom setting which can be tuned via updates from our backend website management area.

 BLAST!BLAST!™ Function

In conjunction with this Adaptive Algorithm and Calibration Function the H2oBioSonic system uses our !BLAST!™ function which provides advanced higher power frequency sweeps through a calibrated range of values to give even further improvements to effectiveness and performance, especially against sessile bacteria formations and inner pipe wall cleaning. The !BLAST!™  function also takes into consideration the Calibration Function to enhance it’s effect.


micro-iconEmbedded Microprocessor

The H2oBioSonic system utilises an advanced embedded microprocessor. This is like having a micro computer embedded into the device! Providing more than enough computing power to run our complex program monitoring a plethora of sensors.

chart-iconCharts, Historical Data, Live Data

The H2oBioSonic.com website provides access to a multitude of data which is uploaded from our systems at regular intervals and stored in our servers. Our system provides easy to navigate graphs, charts and gauges along with a number of configuration options that can be updated remotely! The website can also provide notification emails alarming system engineers onsite to an issue!



oled-iconHigh Quality OLED Display

The OLED display has a crisp contrast and no backlight providing an always on, robust, low power, higher resolution option over typical LCD panels. Because of the high quality and high resolution we can display more information on less real estate for a more informed overview of the system status, saving maintenance personnel time. The use of a quality Lexan label with embossed tactile buttons provides a dust proof front facia.