The H2OBioSonic H2OB1 system is the ultimate solution for pleasure craft and smaller commercial / industrial vessels. Focussed on 12 / 24VDC input and designed to run predominantly from battery supplies available within vessels, this system is typically used for sea chests, seawater piping, vessel hulls, vessel structures, centreboards, keels, rudders, running gear, thrusters and more. Successfully utilised on vessels up to 180 ft.

Industry Leading Features

The Most Powerful, Advanced, Feature Rich Marine Vessel MGPS system available. Anywhere.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia.

Advanced Adaptive Algorithm

The H2OB1 system utilises our adaptive algorithm to determine the best protection frequencies automatically. This adaptive algorithm utilises the calibration value and many sensors to calculate the output values on the fly.
!BLAST!™ Function

The !BLAST!™ Function comes from years of development in the ultrasonic bio fouling prevention industry. It provides a blast of output at very specific frequencies adapted from the calibration values, sensors and algorithm live at pre determined intervals for drastically improved protection.
Advanced Data Display

The Character LCD display in the H2OB1 system provides up to the second live information of the running status of the device. This information includes, Status, Input Voltage, Current Averaged, Power Supply Unit Temperature, Drive Circuit Temperature and Internal Channel Fuse states. The Status screen has a number of error detection behind it and shows real time ledgible error statuses for simple diagnostics.

Automatic Calibration

The H2OB1 system utilises an advanced process of calibration, detecting a number of characteristics via the installed transducers "learning" about the substrate they are installed on and storing this information for use by the Adaptive Algorithm and !BLAST!™ Function.

Temperature Compensation

The Temperature Compensation is a very important portion of the system where it compensates the drive function in a very advanced process to ensure the longevity of the hardware and the maximum protection possible based on the ambient temperature. Striking a careful balance is important to sustain protection.

12 or 24VDC Input

The H2OB1 system utilises an automatic input power supply solution that can handle either 12 or 24VDC input voltages automatically, simplifying installation and adaptability to a variety of applications.

Quality Design & Development

H2OBioSonic systems are Designed and Manufactured in Australia by Globatech Australia using quality components, in house equipment and engineering. You can rest assured that the technology, design and manufacturing of the H2OBioSonic systems are top knotch and industry leading in every respect. We even gold plate our circuit boards to ensure reduced potential for corrosion!

Advanced Embedded Microprocessor

H2OB1 uses an advanced industrial specified embedded microprocessor along with quality components to provide highly available hardware with limited warranty occurence.

Environmentally Friendly

The nature of our ultrasonic protection system is environmentally friendly, providing non chemical based prevention of algae, bacteria, etc.

Improves Economy

The ultrasonic protection provided improves flow rates, reduces buildup of bio fouling, maintains cleaner valves, pipes, strainers and sea chests all of which drasticaly improve economy and efficiency.

Simple Installation

The H2OB1 system uses our patented mounting process with our mounting footprint. This is the result of years of testing and development to ensure the final result is simpler installation, mechanical attachment and improved transference of ultrasonic throughput.

Advanced Self Monitoring

The H2OB1 system is 100% self monitoring and adaptive. It is simply an install and forget system that will alert if there is any issues.