H2OBioSonic Marine Growth Prevention System Suitability

H2OBioSonic Ultrasonic Marine Growth Prevention System is based on ultrasonic technology and as such has some restrictions to materials that will propogate the ultrasonic signal and be effective at protection. In many applications the requriement is for protection from within the water to be protected, in these cases the structure material is less of an issue, however in the situations where installations is through a process of surface mounting transducers some consideration needs to be given to the material and it’s suitability for protection. Below is a shortlist of the most common materials and all of which carry the ultrasonic signal very well.

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Steel Construction
Steel Construction vessels / structures work well with Ultrasonic Bio Fouling Prevention. Ultrasonic transference into the material is very effective given the density.
Aluminium Construction
Aluminium construction lends itself very well to Ultrasonic Bio Fouling Prevention. Ultrasound signal travels very fast and well through Aluminium.
GRP Glass Re-enforced Fiber Construction
The most popular pleasure craft construction material works well with Ultrasonic Antifouling. Fiber Glass has a very dense and hard final construction which allows transference of the Ultrasonic signal.

Zero Detrimental Effect

There is zero detrimental effect to any type of construction material. Ultrasonic Bio Fouling transducers are not capable of causing any damage, Ultrasound is very safe. Ultrasonic Transducers also are incapable of causing Electrolysis.