The use of Ultrasonic Acoustic Waves to protect Seawater Piping and inlet systems is a proven technology. The Australian Navy recently released a document entitled “A Review of Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) Options for the Royal Australian Navy” which discusses the use of Ultrasonic Acoustic waves propagated into seawater piping to provide protection against sea growth. The document can be found below, it also cites other documents used in the study. What isn’t mentioned when Ultrasonics is compared with other solutions currently available is that H2OBioSonics advancements in Ultrasonic Protection allow us to not only provide a preventative growth system but also a remediation solution, this acts by “scrubbing” the inner walls of sea water piping to clean them from most growth.

H2OBioSonic is leading the development of some of the most advanced solutions available in the market place. Our solutions focus not only on prevention of cell growth inside seawater piping and external filtration systems but also on removal of existing growth. With completely programmable solutions and in-house development we can tailor a solution to any environment. Contact us today to discuss your situation and we can work with you and your team to develop a protection system to prevent sea growth and ensure critical systems remain free flowing.