The H2oBioSonic Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) prevents marine growth from accumulating and keeps piping clear of bio-fouling. It utilises Ultrasonic Transducers strategically positioned to provide a cost-effective marine antifouling system. The system works to descale, clean and destroy algae within marine seawater systems. It is used in the marine environment on ships, oil rigs, oil platforms, power stations, desalination plants and more.

Without the H2oBioSonic MGPS anti-fouling system installed, marine growth such as barnacles, algae and slime can form/enter the seawater system and if allowed to settle can develop resulting in problems such as blocked pipes, reduced flow, impaired cooling and heat transfer efficiency, seized valves and more. In extreme cases, marine growth bio fouling can completely obstruct the flow of seawater through pipes. Pipe blockages can also lead to dangerous situations with fire-fighting equipment.

H2OB2 - Sea Chest Protection